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:: Single & Goth so someone told me to join this.

> If I can find the right train I plan on going to the Goth meetup

> I will be @ Nocturne on the 17th

> I will be @ Sin City on the 18th

~ I am single but not looking to date, just meet people. I grew up in Doylestown just up 611. I did live in CC Philly for a while. I have been Goth a very long time, but I don’t fit the stereotypical “Goth” image. Yes, I wear all black all the time and when its not dyed my hair is also black. I listen to Goth/Industrial/EBM/techno/Rave/80’s and more. I will be moving back to Philly after a lot of years away from the area. I see this group looks a bit empty? I will be in Philly on 17 Nov till 22 Nov looking at apartments & other to work out my move back to the city & state. I am not shy, so if ya see me @ Nocturne or Sin City do say Hi. I don't date off the net, but I have found it fun to chat so that is why I am here. I have run into people from LJ in life, so that is why I am here. Those I have met online and in person are fun to hang out with and it is a good way to meet people I wouldn't get to meet otherwise.

> take a look at what of my journal is public if ya like.

I can be found in;

~ live journal :  philly_goth, craftygoths, and lots of others.

~  If ya wanna chat IM me on AIM @ skulzNowhere and say hello.

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